Size in inchesFinishPrice
24×36Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$48.00
24×30Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$39.00
18×24Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$33.00
16×24Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$24.00
11×14Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$15.00
8×12Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$12.00
8×10Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$9.00
5×7Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$5.00
4×6Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$1.25
Wallet (8)Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$10.00
3.5×5Matt, Lustre or Gloss Print$2.50
24×36Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$75.00
24×30Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$55.00
18×24Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$37.00
16×24Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$35.00
11×14Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$18.00
8×12Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$11.00
8×10Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$11.00
5×7Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$5.00
4×6Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$1.75
Wallet (8)Photo Pearl Metallic Paper$12.00
24×36Fine Art Smooth Rag or Fine Art Watercolor Print$84.00
24×30Fine Art Smooth Rag or Fine Art Watercolor Print$69.00
18×24Fine Art Smooth Rag (Watercolor Not Available)$56.00
16×24Fine Art Smooth Rag or Fine Art Watercolor Print$46.00
11×14Fine Art Smooth Rag or Fine Art Watercolor Print$35.00
8×10Fine Art Smooth Rag or Fine Art Watercolor Print$16.00
5×7Fine Art Smooth Rag or Fine Art Watercolor Print$14.50

Please contact me with what images you want to be printed and what sizes you need. In some cases, these prices can be reduced if you are ordering multiple prints. Prices are subject to change. These prices do not include shipping or special requests. Other sizes and options are available. Bulk discounts may be available, just ask.

All images are printed in Georgia and professionally color balanced.

Images can be edited to remove blemishes, blur or remove unwanted items or areas and, and/or change color or lighting. Please contact me to have your image revised to meet your preferences.Dara

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